Company Registration Required Fields

CRS e-procurement platform procedure and required fields

  1. STEP 1. Click on the Register Button (go to STEP 4 if you are already registered). on url
  2. STEP 2. Fill in the required registration fields and submit
  3. STEP 3. Click on the confirmation link sent to your email address
  4. STEP 4. Login to your account following the url
  5. STEP 5. To complete the registration you are required to provide the following company information
    a) RC Number
    b) Company Name
    c) Tax Identification Number
    d) Cross River State Health Insurance Scheme registration number
    e) Contact person
    f) Alternate contact person
    g) Email
    h) Telephone Number
    i) Fax
    j) Website
  6. STEP 6. Fill in the required address details
    a) Address
    b) Country
    c) State Location
  7. STEP 7. Select applicable Categorization
    a) Category
    b) Group
    c) Subgroup
  8. STEP 8. Financial Information details
    a) Year
    b) Gross Income
    c) Total Liabilities
    d) Total Assets
    e) Remarks
  9. STEP 9. Human Resource list
    a) Name
    b) Qualification
    c) Designation
    d) Remarks
  10. STEP 10. Jobs completed list
    a) Category
    b) Client Name
    c) Title of Job
    d) Client Contact
    e) Date Awarded
    f) Date Completed
    g) Total Value
    h) Email
    i) Phone Number
  11. STEP 11. Fill company detail owners list
    a) Country
    b) Designation
    c) Gender
    d) Phone Number
    e) Name
  12. STEP 12. Cross River State Health Insurance Scheme list
    a) Year
    b) Amount
    c) Remarks
  13. STEP 13. Tax Payment list
    a) Year
    b) Amount
    c) Remarks
  14. STEP 14. Upload company document list
    a) Description
    b) Document Category
    c) File